Simple Usage

One of the fastest ways to setup your own website on your ftp server


You can setup your own website in three simple steps (commandline):

Then just write files in Markdown syntax with the suffix .mdwn - once you hg push the repository, they get parsed and uploaded to your FTP server.


You need an FTP server with your login details, Python, Mercurial, lftp and pyMarkdown. Naturally also pyMarkdown Minisite.

To easily get pyMarkdown Minisite and pyMarkdown if you already have Python, just use easy_install:

With that you only need to install lftp and Mercurial. If you're using Gentoo you can do so via

Else just check your Package Manager as usual :)


The only dependency missing for Windows is lftp.

If you want to use this script under Windows, please get in contact and I can check, if I can conjure up some ftp upload script which works on Windows :).

I just see no reason to invest time in that if no one would use it, since I have no Windows at home.

But maybe DTMF can get you lftp and provide the one missing piece (There's also a blog post about it).

After you installed all dependencies, you can setup your site in a terminal just like GNU/Linux users.

For convenience you might want to check TortoiseHG, though, a GUI frontend to Mercurial.

pyMarkdown Minisite

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using the layout from the pybrary.