Install and setup infocalypse on GNU/Linux: 

This script is just a quick sketch, feel free to improve it and upload improved versions. 

If you want to contribute more efficiently, get the repo via 

    hg init setup_infocalypse 
    cd setup_infocalypse 
    hg fn-pull --aggressive --uri USK@73my4fc2CLU3cSfntCYDFYt65R4RDmow3IT5~gTAWFk,Fg9EAv-Hut~9NCJKtGaGAGpsn1PjA0oQWTpWf7b1ZK4,AQACAAE/setup_infocalypse/1 

In-Freenet-link: freenet:CHK@Xzh9Zijb6-RiAQXlJmIr1nOF69QcLHdWKxo2p7GR8j0,5NKM~-xrLLG-ywSWEdP334eq2NBWo0j8RxSqZFyWJ04,AAIC--8/

Then hack on it, commit and upload it again via 

    hg fn-create --uri USK@/setup_infocalypse/0 # == your default uri! 

Finally share the request key you got.

Alternate repo: