#!/usr/bin/env sh
# -*- scheme -*-
exec guile -L $(dirname $(dirname $(realpath "$0"))) -e '(@@ (examples doctests) main)' -s "$0" "$@"
; !#

;;; doctests --- simple testing by adding procedure-properties with tests.

;;; Usage

;; Add a tests property to a procedure to have simple unit tests.

;; Simple tests:
;; (define (A)
;;     #((tests (test-eqv 'A (A))
;;              (test-assert #t)))
;;     'A)
;; Named tests:
;; (define (A)
;;     #((tests ('test1 (test-eqv 'A (A))
;;                      (test-assert #t))
;;              ('test2 (test-assert #t))))
;;     'A)
;; Allows for docstrings:
;; (define (A)
;;     "returns 'A"
;;     #((tests (test-eqv 'A (A))
;;              (test-assert #t)))
;;     'A)

;; For writing the test before the implementation, start with the test and #f:

;; (define (A)
;;     #((tests (test-eqv 'A (A))))
;;     #f)

;; With wisp, you currently need to use the literal #((tests (...)))
;; TODO: add array parsing to wisp following quoting with ':
;;       # a b → #(a b) and # : a b c → #((a b))

(define-module (examples doctests)
              #:export (doctests-testmod))

(import (ice-9 optargs)
         (ice-9 rdelim)
         (ice-9 match)
         (ice-9 pretty-print)
         (oop goops)
         (texinfo reflection))

; define basic dir
(define* (dir #:key (all? #f))
   (if all?
      (map (λ (x) (cons (module-name x)
                        (module-map (λ (sym var) sym) (resolve-interface (module-name x)))))
           (cons (current-module) (module-uses (current-module))))
      (module-map (λ (sym var) sym) (current-module))))
; add support for giving the module as argument
(define-generic dir)
(define-method (dir (all? <boolean>)) (dir #:all? all?))
(define-method (dir (m <list>)) (module-map (λ (sym var) sym) (resolve-interface m)))
; add support for using modules directly (interfaces are also modules, so this catches both)
(define-method (dir (m <module>)) (module-map (λ (sym var) sym) m))

(define (string-index s fragment)
       "return the index of the first character of the FRAGMENT in string S."
       (let loop ((s s) (i 0))
           (if (= 0 (string-length s))
              (if (string-prefix? fragment s)
                 (loop (string-drop s 1) (+ i 1))))))

(define (doctests-extract-from-string s)
       "Extract all test calls from a given string."
       (let lp
           ((str s)
             (tests (list)))
           (if (string-null? str)
              (reverse tests)
              (let ((idx (string-index str "(test")))
                  (if (not idx)
                      (reverse tests)
                      (let ((sub (substring str idx)))
                          (lp ; recurse with the rest of the string
                             (with-input-from-string sub
                                 (λ () (read) (read-string)))
                                 (with-input-from-string sub
                                     (λ () (read)))

(define (subtract a b)
    "Subtract B from A."
    #((tests (test-eqv 3 (subtract 5 2))))
    (- a b))

(define (doctests-testmod mod)
       "Execute all doctests in the current module

          This procedure provides an example test:"
              (define v (make-vector 5 99))
              (test-assert (vector? v))
              (test-eqv 99 (vector-ref v 2))
              (vector-set! v 2 7)
              (test-eqv 7 (vector-ref v 2)))
              (test-assert #t))))
       ;; thanks to Vítor De Araújo: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guile-user/2017-08/msg00003.html
           ((names (module-map (λ (sym var) sym) mod))
                 (if (module-filename mod) (string-join (string-split (module-filename mod) #\/ ) "-")
                     (string-join (cons "._" (map symbol->string (module-name mod))) "-")))
                 (map (λ (x) (if (procedure? x) (procedure-property x 'tests)))
                     (map (λ (x) (module-ref mod x)) names))))
           (let loop
               ((names names)
                 (doctests doctests))
               ;; pretty-print doctests
               ;; newline
               (when (pair? doctests)
                       ((name (car names))
                         (doctest (car doctests)))
                       (let loop-tests
                          ((doctest doctest))
                          (when (and (pair? doctest) (car doctest) (pair? (car doctest)))
                             ;; pretty-print : car doctest
                             ;; newline
                                    (match doctest
                                      (((('quote id) tests ...) moretests ...)
                                        (string-join (list filename (symbol->string name) (symbol->string id))
                                      ((tests ...)
                                        (string-join (list filename (symbol->string name))
                                     (match doctest
                                      (((('quote id) test tests ...) moretests ...)
                                        (cons test tests))
                                      ((tests ...)
                                        (cons 'begin
                                            (cons '(import (srfi srfi-64)) 
                                                    (list 'test-begin (or testid ""))
                                                        (list (list 'test-end (or testid "")))))))))
                               ;; pretty-print testid
                               ;; pretty-print body
                               ;; pretty-print cleaned
                               ;; newline
                               (when cleaned
                                   (let ()
                                       (eval cleaned mod))
                               (match doctest
                                      (((('quote id) tests ...) moretests ...)
                                        (loop-tests moretests))
                                      ((tests ...)
                   (loop (cdr names) (cdr doctests))))))

(define %this-module (current-module))
(define (main args)
         (doctests-testmod %this-module))