* wisp.py: parentheses in comments no longer break the parser
	* wisp.py: inline " ' : " is turned into " '("
	* multithreaded-magic.w: New example: Easy multithreading.
	* hello-world-server.w: Show local time instead of UTC and be a
	bit more friendly.

	* wisp-multiline.sh: started with emacs support. Not yet nice.
	* wisp.w: renamed to wisp-guile.w to show that it uses guile
	* wisp.w: started wisp in wisp. Does not work, yet.
	* hello-world-server.w: First actually running example code.
	* wisp-multiline.sh: directly execute the typed script in guile
	scheme. Robust shell-script commandline parsing.
	* Readme.txt: Note the license and add references and footnotes.
	* Readme.txt: Fix the examples and add a stdin-example with guile.

	* wisp.py: got more resilient.
	* wisp.py: condense multiple inline : into multiple brackets
	without whitespace.
	* wisp.py: refactored into multiple distinct phases for easier
	* wisp.py: allow escaping : and _ with \.
	* wisp.py: added websafe indent with _
	* wisp.py: a colon at the end of the line is interpreted as ()
	* wisp.py: don’t interpret wisp code in brackets or strings.

	* wisp.py: first version.
	* Readme.txt: Added a readme.