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MAGMA lists are a way to transport Magnet-lists and additional information in a human-readable way. They should allow serving lists of magnets with additional information over the net. That way the can be used as playlists or as source-lists for radio-streams via p2p and much more. they are written in YAML, which manages to be as extensible as XML while being far more readable for humans.



MAGMA-Specsv21.txt - The general Specs.

MAGMA-for-streaming-mediav0.05.txt - How Magma-lists can be used to serve streaming media like video and radio.

MAGMA-with-YAML-advantagesv18.txt - Some reasons why I chose YAML and some ideas for future uses of MAGMA-Lists.

gnufu-files-v0.2.magma - An example of a very simple MAGMA-list. This is close to the most minimalistic list possible.

my-magnets-2004-09-09.magma - A list of my files, my songs, and some open documents.

Arne Babenhauserheide