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The War of Dragons and Birth of the Dragonriders
Sung and played at FilkCONtinental 2004

Dragon Cycle

Dragon Cycle 1: Dragons Lament


What have those people done?
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


What have those people done?
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


They came in great hords,
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


They came in great hords,
The Dragon fought, but not well enough.


She killed many hords,
The Dragon fought, but not well enough.


She killed many hords,
But at last, She lost to the flood.

Ah_ah_ah ... ah___

Nach Oben

Dragon Cycle 2: Step into their Land

I come to you for my child has cried,
        and my mate is dead.
I know, you're shivering now in dread,
        but don't you fear for your hide.
No dragon will burn your cities down,
        when you give what we demand.
The bodies of those, who took her life,
        shall Die from human hand.
        They shall die from Human Hand.
For dragon's Law and Custom, now,
        I'll fold my wings till sundown,
        To see what you decide.

Nach Oben

Dragon Cycle 3: Capture

Puny Human, what have you Done?!
You call powers, which aren't yours to control,
which will sweep al away, when used in war.

The bonds on this, my body, will not hold forever,
and when they perish, so will You!

Back off in fear, that I might use what you did,
which neither Dragon nor Human should ever touch.

Why don't you leave wizard?

Show me that, which you clutch in your robes,
black as they are to block my view.

No! You know not, what you do!
I call on all you learned through your study of magic,
don't soil your soul any more
by forcing what is immortal
into your human shape!

Don't you dare!
You and your offspring
shall be hunted by all dragons
for now and forever!

A childs voice: "Where am I? Where am I?"

*drop down and look up like an innocent unknowing child.*

Nach Oben

Dragon Cycle 4: Flight and Slaughter

        e                        C        D
The dragons in all glory ceased to fight,
                e                        D                        e
        as wizards power scorched their wings.

As human armies marched along, in greatest size,
        With wizards in their leading ranks.
The dragons left the battleground without a single strike
        left inhabited lands.

They fled to lonely forests, dark and lush,
        The humans burned them down.
They fled to plains and grasslads, never seen and never touched,
        the humands brought their crown.

They then fled to dark marches, where sunlight never shines,
        a thousand workers pumped them dry
And then at last they all drew back,
        to moountains near the sky.

|| Instrumental ||

e                                 D         e
In darkness dances a little flame,
                 C                                         D
        from teeth it leaps, from breath it came

And sparkles bright on polished stone,
        on scales of one, who sleeps alone,
And dreams uneasy dreams at night,
        of hunger suffering thirst and blight,

And each time a being dies in vain,
        the dragons body shakes in pain,
For she, the oldest on this land,
        can feel the pain, the fury, the hate
        and despair of all who live.

|| fade out. then spoken ||

Into this darkness sounds a step,
of boots of metal, cold and rash,
the ringing of swords, when unsheated,
and many boots, and always more.
scaled eyelids flutter and rusty red eyes
shimmer as the light of the moons got caught therein.

"Why do you invade my home?
You gain little by slaying me, but
the world loses a close friend with me."

Nothing answered but the singing of steel,
when it is flung through the air,
and the blood of a dragon wet the ground this day,
and the rage of the dragons got unleashed,
when the swords returned to their sheets.

Nach Oben

Dragon Cycle 5: Death and waking

Fire sweeping over the land,
destruction and death,
the dragons are free.
Hate and fury in the village,
wings bring storm
and burning hail.
The fire burns the woman,
burns the man,
the dragon nears the child.
Eyes of fury meet the fear,
nostrils taste
the anguish of the child.
Fire builds deep in the guts,
leaps from teeth,
and stops down dead.
A cry meets dragons fury
"Leave my sister!"
The dragon stops.
From rags beneath the window board
an child rises
and stares the dragon down.
Fingers grow to dragon claws,
Teeth grow sharper, skin goeas black,
fire burns the clothes. A dragon returns.
A voice of power, voice of War,
"We will not fight,
Not anymore!"
Bows then down to the childs big eyes,
Hot breath on her face,
quietly speaks:
"On my back you ride today,
we shall from now together stay,
and fly the winds as one."

Nach Oben

Dragon Cycle 6: Bard's Fair

Dragon and human they fly on the winds,
their bodies floating ever higher.
Their bond of purity and of loving,
and something deep within their souls.

||: And they always remember the voice of war,
"We will not fight, not anymore!" :||

Nach Oben
Nach Oben

-Arne Babenhauserheide