Answers to “I can't use Freenet”

Short answers to questions from a message in the anonymous Freenet Message System:

Ultra-short answer: Go to and run the installer. It’s fast and easy.

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Yes. And that’s one of the reasons why we need Freenet: to wrestle back control over our communication channel.

Good luck getting people to use it though.

Yes, that’s something we need to fix. And there’s a lot we can do for that. It’s just a lot of boring work.

And thank you for that list!

Let’s go through these and see which we could fix:

I can't use Freenet. It's illegal! It isn't? How do you know?

It’s created by a registered tax-exempt charity, how can it be illegal?

I don't want people to think I'm some kind of paranoid nutjob.

Maybe we could quote the New York Times or the Guardian on the frontpage?

Why don't you grow up, and just accept that you have to be ruled by authority? It's just the way the world works!

Democracy without free press is meaningless. Let’s quote some presidents on this. Does anyone have a quote at hand?

There's no need for Freenet, because nothing is wrong, otherwise my daily commute in my gas guzzler and my TV would be bad, and I like those!

You don’t have to change your life to use Freenet. You do harm yourself quite a bit if you let others control your communication, though. They might make you think your life is bad.

Get a life, you neckbeard.

Let’s play some games on Freenet. We need more fun and life here, that’s true.

Why are you being so distrustful and negative? What are you hiding?

Did you see what they did to Edward Snowden?

If I use it, then I'm helping terrorists blow us up!

If you let terrorists listen in on your communication, you help them scout out their targets! (maybe that’s a bit too aggressive…)

It's slow!

Let’s not advertise sending movies. Chat over Freenet is nice (FLIP/FLIRCP).

I have to install two programs?

Need to recover flircp and enable it by default. Also advertise node-to-node textmessages (friend-to-friend talk).

Same for Sharesite and Darknet Chat.

I'm not good with computers!

Freenet is easier to install than Starcraft.

im confuse can i install without thinking loll??? I don't care enough to bother.

Yes you can. Most times it actually works.

My computer says it's a dangerous virus!

Need to get fred whitelisted in more anti-virus databases… the new C# based installer should help.

I'm not a hacker!

I don’t break into computers either. And I don’t want others to publish what I tell you in private.

Is there an app for my iPhone?

There is something for your Android: -

Can't you just send me the files on Skype?

Sure, but I won’t send anything I wouldn’t also send to the local newspaper. Microsoft has been shown to actually try to use login links sent over skype.

I don't have time for this I have to go to work.

Just try again a few weeks or months later.

Short term solutions (stuff which should take less than 6 months to deploy):


  • put more prominently on front page that Freenet Project Inc. is a registered charity.
  • quote the guardian or so about the importance of secure communication.
  • quote a US president and the UN secretary on the importance of free speech for democracy.
  • quote Edward Snowden.
  • quote someone on the importance of secure communication to fight terrorists.
  • make the download page look easy. Maybe a big button instead of a text-link?
  • link the icicle app on the webpage. With an image.
  • promote the use of node-to-node messages in friend-to-friend mode.
  • ask people every few months to try to invite their friends again. Hey, how about sending another note to your friends today?

Using Freenet

  • get more positive, friendly content on Freenet.
  • play fun games over Freenet.

Freenet development

  • recover flircp. Make flircp and Darknet Chat official. Activated by default.
  • polish the user interface. A lot.


Go to and run the installer. Send your friends there, too. It’s fast and easy. And gives you a confidential communication channel.

Originally published on random_babcom: my in-Freenet single-page blog.

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