I now have a spam-resistant, decentralized comment system via Freenet

Note (2017): Due to changes in cross-origin requests, babcom is currently broken. I want to fix it, but can’t do it right now. Sorry for that.

In the last years, spam became worse and worse. The more my site grew, the more time I had to spend deleting blatant advertisements. Even captchas did not help anymore: Either they were so hard that I myself needed 3 tries on average to get through, or I got hundreds of spam messages per day. A few years ago, I caved in and disabled comments. The alternative would have been to turn my Website into a mere PR-outlet of Facebook, twitter or one of the commenting platforms out there.

But this all changed now. I finally have decentralized, spam-resistant comments using babcom with Freenet as backend!

» babcom: decentralized, spam-resistant comments! «

The comment-system builds on the decentral, spam-resistant social features of the Freenet Project, one of the old cypherpunk creations which started in 2000 with the goal to provide true Freedom of the Press in the Internet and has been evolving ever since. It’s an irony that nowadays spam became a vehicle to push people into censorship-enabling platforms, to use up their limited free time or to drown their words in a pile of dung, so other people cannot find them.

If you do not run Freenet now, this screenshot shows how the comment-system looks for me:

Babcom Screenshot

And for me this is a huge relief: I can finally get comments to my articles again without having to sell my conscience or waste most of my time deleting advertisements.

If that sounds interesting, head over to babcom and check if it suits you!

And if you like it, please Flattr babcom and Flattr Sone!

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