Seiken Densetsu 3 Bardstale

The introduction story of Angela from the SNES-Game Seiken Densetsu 3 (SD3) which you play when you start the game with her as main character, done in song-form. Infos about her and about that game:

This is the first song I ever wrote myself, text melody and guitar, and I am still not quite satisfied with the way I can play it.

-> ogg vorbis music file.

It misses a violin. (I played it once together with a fiddler, and it was exactly what I imagined. But I had no recording accessories at hand at that time, and I'm sad we weren't able to play together more often... I hope you still like it the way it is now!)

Songtext and chords:

Seiken Densetsu 3 Bardstale



Ref: d a d a
d a C G

The power of the magic, the magic of the spell,
brought her out of danger, brought her out of hell.
Beauty in her eyes and beauty in her face,
magic in her heart, but no magic in the mind.

Her mother was against her, the queen of the castle,
crying out for power, for power to prevail.

Ref: Lonely girl, beautiful girl, arrogant girl with magic in her heart.

Her queen needed a life, taken away from a human,
tried to take another, another than her own,
Her kingdom was freezing, the mana was fading,
by fleeing her mother, she finally ran away.

Ref: Lonely girl, beautiful girl, arrogant girl with magic in her heart.

Carried by the magic, the magic in her heart,
safe from the grip of her mothers magic hands,
Alone in the cold, but living at least,
she awoke outside the castle and ask'd her where to go.

- New Chords: -
- d a e a -
- a C G a -

Slowly she walked south to be attacked by fierce fiends,
after the victory the cold took her in its hands.

- d C a -
- Strummed: D A E G -

She awoke in the bed of an all unknown house,
selfishly stepping out without a thank you.

seiken-densetsu-3-bardstale.ogg3.39 MB
seiken3.pdf72.21 KB
seiken3-thumb-310x438.png48.29 KB

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