Steve Jobs, Get Your Head out Of the Sand! - Broken Apple Heart

Dear Steve,

Do you understand that imposing Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is unethical? That attempting to control our computers and electronic devices to monitor what we do with digital files is wrong and a danger to society?

The problem for DRM proponents is that DRM doesn't work as advertised - and you are helping perpetuate a lie. We know you know this, you've said as much about music and DRM yourself. So why do you persist in touting DRM for video?

What DRM does do is trample my rights and create a situation where, if I were to circumvent a DRM scheme to be in control of my computer, it would be a criminal act - thanks to legislation like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

So what does DRM do? It monitors what I do, Often, it reports on my activities to a central authority. It locks me to one vendor of software. It limits what I do with the stuff i own. Yet Apple takes advantage of DRM to gain exactly this kind of control over its customers doesn't it?

We don't want DRM! We do want our music and video in formats free from proprietary restrictions. And we want the devices we buy to be under our control.

Do you still have Apple's head stuck in the sand?
I'm writing to suggest you take it out.

Personal Comment:
I've been a Mac User my whole life. I left you with a broken heart, when you used the TPM chip to lock down _developer_ Macs.

Now I'm a GNU/Linux user (KDE), and even though I sometimes think back to Macs, to Shufflepuck (my first addiction), to professional video editing (With my old 66Mhz Mac), to the 6 months when I tried every beta of MacOSX even though my 266Mhz G3 was far too slow to render it in speed, and to the ease of music production on my Flat-Panel iMac, I won't come back to have my freedom taken.

You're creating great computers. Why do you still have to make them a tool for digital slavery, even though you now aknowledged yourself, that this slavery is bad?

The one who acts bad but doesn't know it, is a fool.
The one who acts bad and knows it, is a criminal, regardless of the laws.

Disappointed wishes with but a glimpse of hope,
Arne Babenhauserheide - Broken Apple Heart (german)

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I completely agree with you

I completely agree with you on this. Even I sent some mails to Google about this. They never replied back, not a surprise :) . After all of my defeated efforts I threw away 35 CDs of Windows and Windows based software in Trash and became a GNU and Linux user, since the end of 2005. I never looked back and today proprietary software are out of my system. Fully Free computer 24x7 :)

No going back soon

On someone commented, that I'd be back in a month, so I posted the proof of the opposite:

"I switched to GNU/Linux almost two years ago, and I didn't come back, yet :)

- This is when I broke with Apple August 23rd 2005:
- I crumbled once Octobre 14th 2005:
- And left Apple again in Jan 23rd 2006:

Maybe you should turn "month" into "decade", because Apple might then have learned, that enslaving customers is no way to do business. At least when the customers are aware of their enslavement.
And then they might simply switch to providing free software only and making money with the integration of their software and hardware and everything: The Apple Style (Yes, I still like that part of their style).

Switch on to the penguin!"
Unpolitisch sein
heißt politisch sein
ohne es zu merken
- Arne Babenhauserheide

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