Insert a scaled screenshot in emacs org-mode

@marjoleink asked on identi.ca1, if it is possible to use emacs org-mode for showing scaled screenshots inline while writing. Since I thought I’d enjoy some hacking, I decided to take the challenge.

It does not do auto-scaling of embedded images, as far as I know, but the use case of screenshots can be done with a simple function (add this to your ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el):

(defun org-insert-scaled-screenshot ()
  "Insert a scaled screenshot 
for inline display 
into your org-mode buffer."
  (let ((filename 
         (concat "screenshot-" 
                   "date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S")
                  0 -1 )
    (let ((scaledname 
           (concat filename "-width300.png")))
(shell-command (concat "import -window root " filename)) (shell-command (concat "convert -adaptive-resize 300 " filename " " scaledname)) (insert (concat "[[./" scaledname "]]")))))

Now just call M-x org-redisplay-inline-images to see the screenshot (or add it to the function).

In action:

scaled screenshot

Have fun with Emacs - and happy hacking!

PS: In case it’s not obvious: The screenshot shows emacs just as the screenshot is being shot - with the method shown here ☺)

  1. Matthew Gregg: @marjoleink "way of life" thing again, but if you can invest some time, org-mode is a really powerful note keeping environment. → Marjolein Katsma: @mcg I'm sure it is - but seriously: can you embed a diagram2 or screenshot, scale it, and link it to itself? 

  2. For diagrams, you can just insert a link to the image file without description, then org-mode can show it inline. To get an even nicer user-experience (plain text diagrams or ascii-art), you can use inline code via org-babel using graphviz (dot) or ditaa - the latter is used for the diagrams in my complete Mercurial branching strategy

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