Freenet: WoT, database error, recovery patch

I just had a database error in WoT (the Freenet generic Web of Trust plugin) and couldn’t access one of my identities anymore (plus I didn’t have a backup of its private keys though it told me to keep backups – talk about carelessness :) ).

I asked p0s on IRC and he helped me patch together a WoT which doesn’t access the context for editing the ID (and in turn misses some functionality). This allowed me to regain my IDs private key and with that redownload my ID from freenet.

I didn’t want that patch rotting on my drive, so I uploaded it here: disable-context-checks-regain-keys.path

Applied to revision 4f84492d277e25618003e0e5a0cb14159a50535d of WoT staging.

Essentially it just comments out some stuff.

disable-context-checks-regain-keys.path3.79 KB
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