Spread Freenet: A call for action

Freenet Logo: Follow the Rabbit “Daddy, where were you, when they took the freedom of the press away from the internet?” — Mike Godwin, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Reposted from Freetalk, the distributed pseudonymous forum in Freenet.

For all those among you, who use twitter, identi.ca[^identica], and/or other social networks this is a call to action.

Go to your social networking accounts and post about freenet. Tell us in 140 letters why freenet is your tool of choice, and remember to use the #freenet hashtag, so we can resend your posts!

I use freenet because we might soon need it as safe harbour to coordinate the fight against censorship → freenetproject.org

The broader story is the emerging concept of a right to freely exchange arbitrary data — Toad (former lead developer of freenet)


There are still very many people out there who don’t know what freenet is. Just today a coder came into the #freenet IRC channel, asked what it did and learned that it already does everything he had thought about. And I still remember someone telling me “It would be cool if we had something like X-net from Cory Doctorow’s ‘Little Brother’” — he did not know that freenet already offers that with much improved security.

So we need to get the word out about freenet. And we have powerful words to choose from, beginning with Mike Godwin’s quote above but going much further. To just name a few buzz-words: Freenet is a crowdfunded distributed and censorship resistant freesoftware cloud publishing system. And different from info about corporate PR-powered projects, all these buzz words are true.

But to make us effective, we need to achieve critical mass. And to reach that, we need to coordinate and cross promote heavily.

Call to action

So I want to call to you to go to your social networking accounts and post about freenet. Tell us in 140 letters why freenet is your tool of choice, and remember to use the #freenet hashtag, so we can find and retweet your posts!

We can make a difference, if we fight together.

Additional info

Besides: My accounts are:

But no need to tell me your account. Just use your current social network of choice and remember to tell your friends to talk about freenet, too.

I hereby allow anyone to reuse this article in any form and under any license (up to the example tweets), so I can’t know who saw it here and who saw it elsewhere.


I hope I’ll soon see floods of entusiastic tweets about Freenet!

Some example tweets

I’ll gladly post and link yours here, if you allow it!

#Freenet: #crowdfunded distributed and censorship resistant #freesoftware cloud publishing → http://freenetproject.org — rightful buzz!

#imhappiestwhen when the internet is free. I hope it will remain so thanks to projects like #Freenet http://t.co/GMRXmDtGaming4JC

#freenet: freedom to publish that you may have to rely on, because censorship and ©ensorship are on the rise — Ixoliva

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