Terror against Israel

Nothing can excuse such intentional monstrosities as in the attack against Israel (2023-10), neither committing them nor celebrating them.

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I thought I understood how much human rights are under attack when Russia attacked Ukraine. The attack on Israel hits deeper. It made it undeniably clear to me that people intentionally organize to violate human rights not “just” for power or illusions of greatness, but for hate.

The violation of human rights is then not a means to an end but part of the intention. And that is horrible.

And in the face of this largest murder of jews since the holocaust, nuances fade. There are no reasons that can justify this.

Update: Hamas intentionally murders Israeli civilians and intentionally puts Palestinian civilians in harms way. It even thwarts efforts by the Israel army to prevent civilian casualties. If you are on the side of Palestinian civilians, you need to stand against Hamas.

I may only have a small website, but what I can do is to write one thing clearly: while there are nuances, this is not the time for them. This is a time for solidarity with Israel. Before detailed discussions, the immediate threat must be stopped.

This article is short because the horror eats my words.

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