Unofficial Freenet FAQ (questions and answers)

This is a start of an unofficial FAQ for Freenet — just a place where I can put answers to questions I get.

PDF (drucken)

Is pre1 alpha and pre2 beta? Is there a pre3 or is the next release final?

pre1 is the first test release. pre2 is "we missed something that should have gone in" (in this case WoT build broke and two small pull-requests got done so they could be included) pre3 would be "we missed something in pre2"

You’ll note that your node still advertises version 1488 when you run 1489-pre*. This is to make it harder to identify testers.

Then there’s a test-release to the testing update key. That’s the final test version — with installer, version-increase, and auto-update and all. If nothing bad shows up there, it gets inserted to the regular update key and most of the network updates.

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