Small snippets of Guile Scheme

There’s a lot of implicit knowledge among Guile developers. Here I gather some useful snippets I found along the way.

PDF (drucken)

More useful stuff to get things done in Guile is available in guile-basics and py2guile.

Use Guile-yaml to search for the first match in a yaml file

This uses guile-libyaml to parse the yaml file and (ice-9 match) to recursively search within the file.

The example file is demo1.yml from the guile-yaml repo:

 doe: "a deer, a female deer"
 ray: "a drop of golden sun"
 pi: 3.14159
 xmas: true
 french-hens: 3
   - huey
   - dewey
   - louie
   - fred
   calling-birds: four
   french-hens: 3
   golden-rings: 5
     count: 1
     location: "a pear tree"
   turtle-doves: two

I’m searching for the first match to "partridges":

(import (yaml) (ice-9 match))
(define demo (read-yaml-file "demo1.yml"))
(let match-demo ((demo demo))
  (match demo
    ((("partridges" . b) c ...) b)
    (else (if (pair? demo)
              (or (match-demo (cdr demo)) (match-demo (car demo)))
;; => (("count" . "1") ("location" . "a pear tree"))

To use this snippet, start guile as guile -L . in the guile-libyaml repo.

Date: 2020-08-25 Di 00:00

Author: ArneBab