LaTeX is awesome

Some people ask why I like LaTeX. Some consider its syntax strange, or its error messages opaque. And they are right, but there is nothing like it.

Here’s one reason why it is awesome:


latexdiff-vc --hg -r f3fc504ecf1d -r tip emissions-tokyo.tex
# => emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip.pdf

We’re working on finishing a paper right now, and the requirements of the journal include:

Please include a point-by-point response to the reviews, a list of all relevant changes made in the manuscript, and a marked-up manuscript version (combined in one *.pdf file).

We already had the point-by-point response and we tracked changes with Mercurial, so we have the old and the new version. That means we can use latexdiff.

LaTeX-diff uses two LaTeX-files and creates a highlighted diff:


With latexdiff-vc this is integrated with the versiontracking system.

All I need to create the needed PDF file is a little bit of additional shell-foo:

pdflatex emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip
bibtex emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip
pdflatex emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip
pdflatex emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip
pdfjam replytocomments/replytocomments.pdf emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip.pdf 
# => emissions-tokyo-difff3fc504ecf1d-tip-pdfjam.pdf

That’s it. All is highlighted and the pdf is prepared.

And that’s just awesome!

Happy Hacking!

ArneBab 2020-03-03 Di 00:00 - Impressum - GPLv3 or later (code), cc by-sa (rest)