Slow, simple tools make you dumber

We have more and more tools that do the work for us, but they're slow, so we can't use them as a basis for new, complex skills because half the time is waiting. In their slowness, however, they are not complex enough for us to be able to use the waiting time.

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Even our phones are slower to respond with Voice over IP, and video conferencing often has delays of up to a second; forced waiting time before a reaction is perceptible.

Most tools today aren't built so we can work with them as efficiently as possible, but just to avoid being so uncomfortably slow that people stop using them.

In line with this, video games are associated with higher intelligence in 9-11 year olds. Computer games usually react without any noticeable delay and require quick reactions and complex interaction.

The tools we use every day should learn from this.

Gamification not as a loss of self-chosen initiative, but as a brain-friendly way of interacting.

Comment on “are we getting dumber?” by Arte (copy on youtube).


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