Ambition the Film: This is where magic happens

I just watched the short film Ambition from ESA, and I still have tears in my eyes.

The film is awesome. In few spots it could have profited from a tighter editing of the text (I lost suspension of disbelief twice), but overall the story is great - and what an ending!

In the making of, the simulation artist of the film Lukasz Sobisz said

“shooting myself in the foot a bit, I’m very surprised you need something like this at all now. Mankind sends a probe into space to catch a comet and land on it. And we need a great director, film and actors to convince people this is interesting.”

and I disagree with that notion: If you’re paid by the public, you should communicate your work so people can relate to it. The film succeeded spectacularly.

It is not just about interest. I had that before. It is about touching peoples hearts. A dry description alone cannot do this. But together, an idealistic project and art can reach something deep inside, inaccessible for everyday interaction. This is where magic happens.

I wish there were a german dubbed version to show my kids.

It’s been a long time since I watched something and all of a sudden felt tears rolling down my cheek. To the folks at ESA, the film crew, the editing team and the artists: Thank you.

PS: EuGH just ruled that embedding does not affect copyright. Thanks to this decision I am allowed to share the film with you.

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