Anonymous against trapwire - on camera??

An answer to a reddit-comment by tedemang to the article 1540 Anonymous vs. TrapWire: "We must, at all costs, shut this system down and render it useless".

Do you think, joining anonymous really helps there? That’s fleeting power, but I don’t see alternative structures being set up. This just exposes all those who want to support the cause. In front of cameras, connected to a surveillance system which records every action…

On the short term to keep secure digital communication, use freenet over your existing internet connection. If possible in darknet-mode, connecting only to your friends →

On the mid-term get a flourishing local community in your neighborhood, ideally with community operated internet like a meshnet - and get someone from your community elected as mayor → /r/darknetplan

And make sure you all have access to alternative media sources. Maybe provide printed copies of good blog posts to your local baker.

On the somewhat longer term, fix the democratic system, so the rich ones cannot completely rig the votes by deciding whom they give their money, so he can run for election.

On the long term, fix the economic system, so we don’t automatically get that huge imbalance in power, once the system runs without major disruption for more than 20-30 years.

Remember that what you are going up against is the very instrument the oppressive elements of our state want to use to oppress us. That instrument will monitor you, and they will try to use that data to oppress you - and to cast you in a bad light, so they can convince your neighbors that they need more cameras against those vandalizing youths (without telling them that those youths are the same ones who come over for coffee during the next summer-festival).

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