ACTA - A trend to be reversed

A reply to a comment on slashdot named Can we fight the trend?:

There was a trend to having only proprietary software (by former free software being enslaved in the job contracts its creators took) and to having the hacker community die out.

That trend was reversed by GNU with the invention of the GPL and the GNU System.

And today millions of people use free software and we have organizations like the EFF and FSF who work for a free software society.

- That huge success story in about 4 minutes:

More people than ever before use free software, and it becomes an integral part of out society as more and more government offices (e.g. in germany: Munich) and companies adopt it.

Today we have a trend to having only nonfree culture (by the laws being turned upside down and politicians being bought) and members of the free speech community to give up.

What I learn from history is:

That trend can be reversed, too, and our society might become a free culture society, just like it slowly becomes a free software society, even though most people will only realize it in hindsight.

"Do you still remember the times, when every office had Windows in it?"

"Only barely, but do you still remember the times, when we feared lawsuits when we accessed the predecessors of the culture pool?"

"Sure! Those were the times. Now, let's get writing again. Don't want to let our fans wait for the next storyarch, do we?"

The ones who profit from unfree media will give a fight this time, though.

And that they choose to go semi-criminal shows, that different from the proprietary software vendors back when GNU was invented, the unfree media companies are already losing, and they know it.

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