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-> an answer to Blog posts are no replacement for documentation by flameeyes.

Hi flameeyes,

I kinda know your problem: It's far easier to write a number of Blog posts than to write a structured book up front - and I think two major parts of that are, that a weblog provides many more "Yes, I've done it!" moments than a book and that a blog has a much lower barrier to entry.

I rather know it from the other side, though: I wrote a (german) roleplaying ruleset in a wiki, and I got very little feedback and often slacked.

My solution to that was to switch to Drupal which provides a book-style structure with (automatic) blog-style news. I now write articles which can stand for themselves but which are automatically organized by section and keyword.

I also do that for my personal page, but I think the RPG is a much better example (my personal pages are organized by content type/topic (song, poem, story, technical article, ...), while the RPG articles are more connected):

On the righthand side you see the book navigation. the equivalent on my main page about programs would for example be:

A similar structure should be useful for your documentation of programs. You can even first write an uncathegorized blog post and later sort it into its place (and also move it around freely afterwards) - for example when you realize that you write more about the topic.

That way you can start with writing something about a new program, and give that program its own cathegory when you see that you're writing about it more often.

Another advantage of this is, that I began to check every single text, if it's interesting to read (cathegory pages with only a few lines of text can easily be set to not appear on the frontpage - it's simply one checkbox to untick :) - once they grow into articles in their own right, they can then be "republished" to the frontpage with updated publish-date, so they appear as new posts).

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