On Forums and trolls

written in the Phex Forum.

"Let them walk against a hill of politeness, and then let them slide off. Have a ban-request as forcepunch somewhere near, if they try to break the hill despite explicitely having been warned."

I try to avoid giving them a chance to justify growing angry. If they shout despite having no justification, and if they don't stop after being asked to disable their capslock (always assume the best), I try to just warn them that they'll be banned if they go on (never had to - and there was just one case where I decided to ignore a provocation instead - see our Polar Skulk forum) and just request a ban, if they don't stop.

Every post in any forum in here (not just Phex) will be read by other people, and if the tone of the posts grows too angry, angry people and trolls will flock here, because they see that provocation makes someone angry in here.

And I know, that trolls come anyway, but a hill of calmness seems to me like the best way to reduce the number of those who actually post.

And my mood is much better, when I read my own calm posts than when I read a post where I let my temper flare up.
- Arne Babenhauserheide

One Guide to rule them all,
One Guide to find them,
One Guide to reach them all
and into calmness bind them.

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