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I'm a KDE user and quite excited about KDE 4, but I think the progress of Gnome is very promising, too.

Gnome and KDE both innovate, and both push limits, and both will learn from each other.

KDE learns from Gnome and uses the Telepathy definition.

Gnome learns from KDE and switches to WebKit which originates from khtml.

Both work together under the hood of freedesktop.org

And both are moving ever faster to replace proprietary systems.

So hey, I might be a KDE user and I might care most about KDE, but Gnome and KDE are both important, because being two projects they can move in different ways, find together again and move out again and that way cover far more ground than a single project could.

I want many people to use KDE and Gnome users want many people to use Gnome.

Lets move out, then, and create guides for our users and create many great things which bring them to the respective desktop, and while we try to create a better experience than the other free desktops, we might suddenly see, that we just surpassed any non-free desktop together.

Then we can sit down, celebrate a big free software party and begin outpacing the respective other one again.

And while doing so, we can still keep contact, share ideas and work together, and we will make a difference.
- written at: http://blogs.gnome.org/desrt/2007/08/07/im-excited-about-the-future-of-g...

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