Freenet protects your DickPic!

Afraid that the NSA could steal your DickPic? Freenet to the rescue!

Freenet protects your DickPic!
(mirror via Freenet)

Don’t know what this is about?

Watch Edward Snowden reveal DickPic, the latest, most massive surveillance program from the NSA:

Thanks to John Oliver for one of the most awesome acts of journalism I’ve seen!


Anonymous@lFG3mGbGf0b8nE6j8RC0i5ZgWEhsQXDG3ghkYIa-1wQ wrote :
I thought Freenet wasn’t able to protect against the NSA?

The link “Connect to your friends” shows how to connect via darknet and communicate via darknet N2N messages (node-to-node messages). From my understanding, these are currently one of the most secure communication methods we can get, because they hide our personal communication beneath Freenet traffic.

They aren’t suited to communicating anonymously (because we can only talk with our friends), but they are well suited to communicating confidentially.

PS: The image is licensed under GPL, copyright: the freenet team (for the rabbit) and Arne Babenhauserheide. It uses the source images Zuchineee (thanks to Arthurcravan prrrr!) and National Security Agency from the public domain. See the sources below. … but you know what: Just share it anyway you like. I’m sure the author of the rabbit agrees, and I for sure do ☺

PPS: Yes, I had lots of fun creating this ;-)

PPPS: For some reason, the image disappeared from my server. I did not take it down. Yes, that worries me. What you see above is served from an in-proxy into Freenet. Should that go down, too, you can still use Freenet to access the image or setup your own in-proxy to allow others to see it.

freenet-protects-your-dickpic-vs-nsa.gif659.81 KB
freenet-protects-your-dickpic-vs-nsa.png126.31 KB
freenet-protects-your-dickpic-vs-nsa.xcf2.54 MB

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