Pond-erosa Puff (OpenBSD)

I recently found the OpenBSD songs, and the artists say that they are part of OpenBSD, logically as well as license-wise. And OpenBSD is licensed under a three-clause BSD license which is GPL compatible - that means I can record and publish it here!

This is the OpenBSD 3.6 release song: Pond-erosa Puff, written about people who make something free and suddenly decide to go the unfree path.

Many thanks to all you OpenBSD guys!
Your license is a bit too weak for my taste, but damn, it's free - and your code is as good as your songs!

Audio-files: ogg | mp3

This recording is part of the music podcast singing in the winds of time.

My recording is far from perfect, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Also it should give everyone a good headstart who always wanted to play the song on the guitar. Oh, and please do listen to the ogg vorbis file. It sounds far better! - Draketo

Pond-erosa Puff (from Ty Semaka)

Well he rode from the ocean far upstream
Nuthin' to his name but a code and a dream
Lookin' for the legendary inland sea
Where the water was deep n' clean n' free

But the town he found had suffered a blow
Fish were dying, cause the water was low
Fat cat fish name o' Diamond Dawes
Plugged the stream with copyright laws

He said my water's good n' my water's free
So Pond-erosa, you gonna thank me!
Then he bottled it up and he labeled it "Mine"
They opened n' poured, but they ran outta time!

So Puff made a brand and he tanned his hide
Said. "this is the mark of too much pride"
Tied him to a horse, set the tail on fire
Slapped er on the ass and the water went higher!

Pond-erosa Puff
wouldn't take no guff
Water oughta be clean and free
So he fought the fight
and he set things right
With his OpenBSD

Well things were good fer a spell in town
But then one day, dang water turned brown
Comin' to the rescue, Mayor Reed
He said, "This here filter's all ya'll need"

But it didn't take long 'fore the filter plugged
Full of mud, n' crud, n' bugs
Folks said "gotta be a gooder way"
Mayor said "Hell No! She's O.K."

"The water's fine on the Open range"
And he passed a law that it couldn't change.
"No freeze, no boil, no frolicking young"
Puff took him aside, said "this is wrong"

Then he found the Mayor was addin' the crud!
So he took him down in a cloud of blood
Said "The Mayor's learnd, he's done been mean"
So they did it right and the water went clean!


So once agin' it was right, but then
The lake went dry, she was gone again!
Fish started flippin' and floppin' about
Yellin' "Mercy Puff! It's a doggone drought!"

So he rolled up-gulch till he hit the lake
Of Apache fish, they was on the take
They'd built a dam that was made of rules
Now Puff was pissed and he lost his cool!

I'm sick and tired of these goldarn words!
n' laws n' bureaucratic nerds!
You're full o' beans n' killin' my town
and if you's all don't shut er down

I'll hang a lickin' on every one
of you sons o' bitchin' greedy scum!
So he blew the dam, an' he let 'er haul
Cause water oughta be free for all!


License: The text is licensed under a 3 clause BSD license, the recording can be used under the usual free licenses and additionally under the 3 clause BSD license (the license doesn't enforce that, but I feel that it's just the right thing to do).

Pond-erosa-puff.ogg3.41 MB
Pond-erosa-puff.mp34.51 MB

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