New Horizons for Science

Farewell to friends -- and a love.

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New recording 2019 at Intermezzo with Rika Körte and Steven Macdonald as recording engineers: mp3 audio

Goodbye my love, I leave tonight,
I know you’re in new hands,
Though I would rather follow you,
That’s not the way that this is planned,
Our destiny will now be watched
by different eyes than mine,
I wish you just the best,
be sure we’ll meet again in time.

In Circles / The memory of time

I feel the time pass in our circles,
each year another one changed,
a head has turned white,
a hand has gone wry,
growing older as time passes by.

In our circle the time is a slide-show,
each year adds a picture or two,
and our memories in vivid colors
show the changes within me and you.

Storm through Rock

To the melody of Firesoul by Aryana. Text written 2016 by Draketo (Arne Babenhauserheide). A filk on Soul of Wind, for life is change and change reflects in living songs.

  e                        G
I sigh in the wind, for my soul wants to fly,  
   a                e             D
to wing through the storm just to look at the sky  
  e                        D           e
but choices are made and I stand by my word,
    a             e       D         e
and don’t care if anyone but me has heard.

I move on my path, I’ve chosen my way,
each crossing takes possible futures away,
but never to choose just worsens my need,
and a choice fast retracted does not make a street.

Soul of Wind

To the melody of Firesoul by Aryana. Text written around 2007 by Draketo (Arne Babenhauserheide).

  e                           G
I dance with the wind, for my soul needs to fly,  
  a                e             D
I move through the storm just to look at the sky  
  e                      D           e
I stay of my own will, I need to fly free,  
    a            e           D           e
and just one can bind me and that one is me.

I crave for the gusts, the wind on my wings,
In flight there’s no border, no queens and no kings,
I go where I want and you can’t keep me in,
I need to stay moving, leave friends and leave kin.

I know where I’m going, I’ve chosen my way,
Must heed only myself, whatever you say,
Don’t mourn for my passing, we might meet again,
just savor each moment, for struggling’s in vain.

Morning has broken

Morning has broken
        beyond repair

the words are spoken
        now do you dare

to absolve of the error made
or will you die in your own shade?

Filk the gist

A parody on March of Cambreadth (mp3) by Heather Alexander aka Alexander James Adams, the Fairy Tale Minstrel, written on the filk-de list to say “damn, we are filkers! We don’t quabble about politics — we sing about them!”

Filk the gist

Keyboards klick, Cellphones ring,
Shining laptop’s hackers sing,
Newsfeeds burn with polished prose,
Show us where we find our foes,
Midnight flame with congressmen,
Fight the trolls to keep us sane,
Sound the horn and call the cry,
How many of us can spot their lie?

Fuck the orders you get told,
Make their shallow hearts get cold,
Fight until you die or drop,
A force like ours is hard to stop,
Close your mind to stress and pain,
Write till you’re no longer sane,
Let not one wrong word pass by,
How many of us can spot their lie?

Infinite Hands draft with Bodhran and Flute

A rough draft of Infinite Hands with additional instruments.

The Flute and Bodhran tracks are improvised on the spot and recorded yesterday in one go, so they are a bit rough :)

Also the vocals are finally up to date with the text.

I hope you enjoy it!


For more Information on the song, see


There’s music in their stamping,
in their shouting to above,

There’s rhythm in their live,
in fight and death and love,

(There's rhythm in their stance,
in strike and blow and bluff,)

Where nobler people seek the truth
and never find their hearts,

A Volkoi’s always on his toes,
when the music starts.

— Eschrandar, Nayan War Engine, Mechanical Dreams (sadly only the store is left of this great game…)

A song from the icy lands

A song about sharing and free software and changing the world. Originally written to recreate the vision of the Polar Skulk in art.

Criticism and praise would be a great gift to the pup writing this song.

A song from the icy lands

Freedom for Music, for Movies and for every word,
Fighting is not quite absurd,
and we are peaceful, good and kind,
and fight for freedom of the mind.

The truth is in there - Maxwell gives us the speed of light

- a Filk on "X as in Fox" by Cecilia Eng -

Once we believed in the speed of the light,
and experiments show that what we thought is right,
But we search our math for another sight,

'Cause we hope that the truth is in there.

When we measure the speed of something somehow,
we can only check against the distance, but now
we'll show that we get it from Maxwell', and wow!

We will know that the truth is in there!

First we take a sheet of charge at hand,

Drowsy Pagan (and his stew) - a Filk on Dawson's Christian

To the melody of Dawson's Christian from Duane Elms.


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- PDF -


Dragon Cycle 6: Bard's Fair

Dragon and human they fly on the winds,
their bodies floating ever higher.
Their bond of purity and of loving,
and something deep within their souls.

||: And they always remember the voice of war,
"We will not fight, not anymore!" :||

Dragon Cycle 5: Death and waking

Fire sweeping over the land,
destruction and death,
the dragons are free.
Hate and fury in the village,
wings bring storm
and burning hail.
The fire burns the woman,
burns the man,
the dragon nears the child.
Eyes of fury meet the fear,
nostrils taste
the anguish of the child.
Fire builds deep in the guts,
leaps from teeth,
and stops down dead.
A cry meets dragons fury
"Leave my sister!"
The dragon stops.
From rags beneath the window board
a child rises
and stares the dragon down.
Fingers grow to dragon claws,

Dragon Cycle 4: Flight and Slaughter

    e              C      D
The dragons in all glory ceased to fight,
        e          D          e
    as wizards power scorched their wings.

As human armies marched along, in greatest size,
    With wizards in their leading ranks.
The dragons left the battleground without a single strike
    left inhabited lands.

Dragon Cycle 3: Capture

Puny Human, what have you Done?!
You call powers, which aren't yours to control,
which will sweep all away, when used in war.

The bonds on this, my body, will not hold forever,
and when they perish, so will You!

Back off in fear, that I might use what you did,
which neither Dragon nor Human should ever touch.

Why don't you leave wizard?

Show me that, which you clutch in your robes,
black as they are to block my view.

No! You know not, what you do!
I call on all you learned through your study of magic,
don't soil your soul any more
by forcing what is immortal

Dragon Cycle 2: Step into their Land

I come to you for my child has cried,
      and my mate is dead.
I know, you're shivering now in dread,
      but don't you fear for your hide.
No dragon will burn your cities down,
      when you give what we demand.
The bodies of those, who took her life,
      shall Die from human hand.
      They shall die from Human Hand.
For dragon's Law and Custom, now,
      I'll fold my wings till sundown,
      To see what you decide.

Dragon Cycle 1: Dragons Lament


What have those people done?
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


What have those people done?
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


They came in great hordes,
The Dragon lies there, in Her own blood.


They came in great hordes,
The Dragon fought, but not well enough.


She killed many hordes,
The Dragon fought, but not well enough.


She killed many hordes,
But at last, She lost to the flood.

Ah_ah_ah ... ah___

Dragon Cycle

The War of Dragons and Birth of the Dragonriders Sung and played at FilkCONtinental 2004.

No music yet - but someday I'll get that recording...

(All this is) Gentoo for me

Gentoo for me Logo- Words and Music: Arne Babenhauserheide ( )

Listen to the song: ogg
This recording is part of the music podcast singing in the winds of time.

  I build my kernel and I strip it down,
  my programs only do what I need
  the tree is at my very core
  it's my whole world and it is my seed.

Happy Birthday to GNU - 25 years

Today is the 25th birthday of the GNU project - the very beginning of the free software community we are today.

This is my small, humble contribution for the birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday to GNU (ogg vorbis)

Happy Birthday to GNU,
Happy Birthday to GNU,
Happy Birthday not Unix,
Happy Birthday to GNU.

Naturally this recording is free licensed.

Pond-erosa Puff (OpenBSD)

I recently found the OpenBSD songs, and the artists say that they are part of OpenBSD, logically as well as license-wise. And OpenBSD is licensed under a three-clause BSD license which is GPL compatible - that means I can record and publish it here!

This is the OpenBSD 3.6 release song: Pond-erosa Puff, written about people who make something free and suddenly decide to go the unfree path.

Many thanks to all you OpenBSD guys!
Your license is a bit too weak for my taste, but damn, it's free - and your code is as good as your songs!

Audio-files: ogg | mp3

Realistically Me (the square root)

-Melodie partly from "Swing low, sweet chariot"-

He looked over squares, and what did he see?
coming just for driving him mad,
The rational numbers didn't fit for me,
coming just for driving him mad.

He looked over pentagrams, and what did he see?
coming just for driving him mad,
There was funny looking a cousin of me,
coming just for driving him mad.

He told his pupils, all the world is a number,
coming just for driving him mad,
And one of them said: "this one makes me wonder"
coming just for driving him mad,

With Python from the Shadows

- Written by Draketo aka Arne Babenhauserheide, originally to the melody of Moonlight Shadow on 22.2.08 but switched on 2008-06-27 to be able to put a recording under free licenses -

Audio-files: ogg
This recording is part of the music podcast singing in the winds of time.

Infinite Hands - singing a part of the history of free software (filk)

- Free Software version of "Finity's End"; original: {lyrics: CJ Cherryh, music: Leslie Fish}.
- filked by Draketo aka Arne Babenhauserheide ( (capo 3)


- please check the dedicated site: -


Broken Apple Heart - Why I'm a Mac user no more

Beware of that Fruit (Broken Apple Heart) ( )

(What do you think, why Macs no longer Smile?)

Chorus: I was an Apple User and loyal to the core,
But one grey day I realized what made my heartache soar,
They want to make the big bucks now and want no one to see,
That ever more surveillance takes the Users rights as fee.

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