I hope French Filesharers turn to Freenet

→ Comment to France Starts Reporting ‘Millions’ of File-Sharers by Torrent Freak.

I hope they all turn to freenet. There’s scance chance of getting many user-addresses there, and it can provide a service similar to torrents and decentral tracker in one, but anonymously and safe from censorship.


I’ve been running it for years now, and it got better and more secure every year.

The really paranoid can use it in darknet-mode: Only connect to people they know personally. Then it gets really hard to find out that you use freenet.

But even in Opennet, it’s extremely hard to find out what you share or download. Freenet is built for the needs of dissidents in repressive regimes and to avoid any kind of censorship, so it delivers sufficient privacy and anonymity for filesharers.

A word of warning, though: Compared to well-seeded torrents, freenet is slow. That’s the price of anonymity and privacy. But nowadays it’s fast enough for fansubbed anime and beats many weakly seeded torrents :)

Maybe then the media companies will learn that the way to make money with entertainmant is to make it good and personal enough that people want to give them money to make sure they keep producing more great stuff. They could learn from Howard Taylor and Schlock Mercenary.

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