Howard-Taylor: A rising figure

A comment to The newspaper said it, so it must be true:

You already made the "I get paid for doing a free webcomic" rise, now next part is... ?

Some ideas:

  • Being paid really well
  • Having Sandra be paid really well, too
  • Having a Schlock foundation which pays you for the online comic directly
  • Getting a six figures income from Schlock
  • Having the Schlock foundation grow enough that it becomes the Taylor Webcomic fund which pays webcomic authors all over the world
  • Founding a team of Space Mercenaries and writing the comic about your actual adventures as Schlock sidekick
  • Really having someone do the research so the Schlockers can beat NASA to Mars
  • Learning the trick to living long enough to go on inking where no one has inked before
  • Founding the Schlock colony fund which pays people to leave earth, meet interesting live forms and take over their planets :)
  • Finally taking a strange scientist on board who starts the biggest intergalactic war by revolutionarizing galactic transportation.
  • And at last, building a time machine and going back in time to be a webcartoonist again :)

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