Install and setup infocalypse on GNU/Linux (script)

Update (2015-11-27): The script works again with newer Freenet versions.

Install and setup infocalypse on GNU/Linux:

Just download and run1 it via

bash setup_infocalypse*

This script needs a running freenet node to work! → Install Freenet

In-Freenet-link: CHK@rtJd8ThxJ~usEFOaWAvwXbHuPC6L1zOFWtKxlhUPfR8,21XedKU8YbKPGsYWu9szjY7hChX852zmFAYuvyihOd0,AAMC--8/

The script allows you to get and setup the infocalypse extension with a few keystrokes to be able to instantly use the Mercurial DVCS for decentral, anonymous code-sharing over freenet.

« Real Life Infocalypse »
DVCS in the Darknet. The decentralized p2p code repository (using Infocalypse)

This gives you code hosting like a minimal version of BitBucket, Gitorious or GitHub but without the central control. Additionally the Sone plugin for freenet supplies anonymous communication and the site extension allows creating static sites with information about the repo, recent commits and such without the need of a dedicated hoster.

Basic Usage

Clone a repo into freenet with a new key:

hg clone localrepo USK@/repo

(Write down the insert key and request key after the upload! Localrepo is an existing Mercurial repository)

Clone a repo into or from freenet (respective key known):

hg clone localrepo freenet://USK@<insert key>/repo.R1/0
hg clone freenet://USK@<request key>/repo.R1/0 [localpath]

Push or pull new changes:

hg push freenet://USK@<insert key>/repo.R1/0
hg pull freenet://USK@<request key>/repo.R1/0

For convenient copy-pasting of freenet keys, you can omit the “freenet://” here, or use freenet:USK@… instead.

Also, as shown in the first example, you can let infocalypse generate a new key for your repo:

hg clone localrepo USK@/repo

mind the “USK@/” (slash after @ == missing key). Also see the missing .R1/0 after the repo-name and the missing freenet://. Being able to omit those on repository creation is just a convenience feature - but one which helps me a lot.

You can also add the keys to the <repo>/.hg/hgrc:

example = freenet://USK@<request key>/repo.R1/0
example-push = freenet://USK@<insert key>/repo.R1/0
# here you need the freenet:// !

then you can simply use

hg push example-push


hg pull example


This script is just a quick sketch, feel free to improve it and upload improved versions (for example with support for more GNU/Linux distros). If you experience any problems, please contact me! (i.e. write a comment)

If you want to contribute more efficiently to this script, get the repo via

hg clone freenet://USK@73my4fc2CLU3cSfntCYDFYt65R4RDmow3IT5~gTAWFk,Fg9EAv-Hut~9NCJKtGaGAGpsn1PjA0oQWTpWf7b1ZK4,AQACAAE/setup_infocalypse/1 

Then hack on it, commit and upload it again via

hg clone setup_infocalypse freenet://USK@/setup_infocalypse

Finally share the request URI you got.

Alternate repo:

  1. On systems based on Debian or Gentoo - including Ubuntu and many others - this script will install all needed software except for freenet itself. You will have to give your sudo password in the process. Since the script is just a text file with a set of commands, you can simply read it to make sure that it won’t do anything evil with those sudo rights

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Use Node:

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