Patent law overrides copyright breaks ownership

Concise and clear.

In patent law, copyright and property there are two pillars: protection and control.


  • Property: No person shall take that from me.
  • Copyright: No person shall have the same without my permission. A monopoly.
  • Patent Law: No person shall create something similar without my permission. An even stronger monopoly.


  • Property: I decide what happens with this.
  • Copyright: I decide what happens to everything which is the same. Takes another ones property. → a monopoly¹.
  • Patent Law: I decide what happens to every similar thing. Takes the copyright and property of others. → An even stronger monopoly¹.

In short: Patent law overrides copyright breaks ownership.

¹: Others may have copyrights and property rights which they can only exercise with my permission. So effectively all their rights belong to me. If you want a longer argument on this, please read Intellectual Property Is Theft.

(translation of Patentrecht bricht Urheberrecht bricht Eigentum)

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