Neither Humble nor Indie Bundle

Update 2016: Later Bundles seem to have gotten better again.

Comment to New Humble Bundle Is Windows Only, DRM Games.

The new Humble Indie Bundle is no longer free, indie, cross-plattform or user-respecting.

When the first bundle had a huge boost in last-minute sales after the devs offered to free the source of 4 of the 5 games, I had hoped, they would keep that. I was one of those who paid when they offered to free the games, and I’m pretty sure that they got a huge boost in people who knew the Humble Indie Bundle due to that.

But when the second bundle did not offer freeing the source, I did not pay. Unfree games aren’t worth much to me and I feared they would go further down that track.

Now Steam comes to GNU/Linux, so being cross-plasform isn’t unique for the Humble Indie Bundle anymore. And they dropped cross-platform support and added DRM. They replaced fans with short-term cash-cows who will happily switch to another project without second thoughts. Somehow I saw that coming…

Well, they sell their brand while it still holds, but by doing that they burn the ones who brought them where they are today.

Never put effort in a project where you have to trust the creator to not misuse it. Free copyleft licenses are a safeguard for contributors - not only the coders, but also for those who promote the project.1

  1. That’s one of the reasons why I put the 1w6 roleplaying game completely under the GPL2 and why we are developing most of the stuff we do in a decentral versiontracking system. It makes it so easy for people to take over in case I should betray them that the benefit I could get from betrayal is small enough that I hope that I can withstand it on the long term. 

  2. 1w6 was freed completely in february 2009 by putting it under GPLv3. Before that it used a custom license, which was free but incompatible with other free works. 

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