Why free speech does not equal to the right of being heard

→ written in a discussion with Sascha1 in Freenet using Sone.

If free speech included being allowed to force all people to listen, then it would also include my right to force you to listen to everything I say.

Think this on the scale of 6 billion people all using freenet. Every one of them could force you to listen to him/her/it. Whom would you ignore?

In WoT getting some people2 to see your message is possible, but it has a price: solving captchas.

The same is true for real life demonstrations: If you want to be seen, you have to get up and actually invest something - be it time, effort or risk to your reputation.

In real life we have channels through which we sell our attention. They are called advertisements and advertisement financed services, and access to our attention is tightly controlled by some few gatekeepers who make lots of money by keeping a hold on our attention.

In freenet all you have to do for being seen is solve some captchas, a rule which is the same for everyone.

  1. this is only true for those people who decide to publish captchas. If they disable that feature, you can only get their attention by first getting trusted by people whom they trust. 

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