Chat Control: the kompromat machine the EU Commission tries to build

The EU Commission is trying to end Freedom of Speech and endanger democracy in the EU

As the eyes of the world rest on the war of Russia against the Ukraine and the censorship in Russia, irresponsible surveillance hardliners in the EU-commission are trying to wreck democracy in the EU with chat control.

On march 30th May 11th 2022 they want to propose their parliamentary bill.

Get informed now and get active against Chat Control!


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“The EU wants to oblige providers to search all private chats, messages, and emails automatically for suspicious content – generally and indiscriminately. The stated aim: To prosecute child pornography. The result: Mass surveillance by means of fully automated real-time messaging and chat control and the end of secrecy of digital correspondence.” — messaging-and-chat-control

That’s a kompromat machine.

More than 80% of the material the algorithms report is legal, but given that these algorithms must be tuned to focus on the most sensitive and private types of content, it is almost certain that it is material that would end a career if used by political enemies for character assassination or would fully compromise people if used for blackmail.

Protecting children is important, but the means to do so is not to take away the ability of these children to communicate confidentially.

The means to protect children is to use all the money that would be needed to check reports from this kompromat-machine and instead to put it into prevention programs and pro-active operations by social workers in places that children use to communicate.

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