GNU/Linux users per 1000 windows users

TLDR: In 2020 the fraction of Linux users doubled compared to Windows users. Compared to 2008 the Linux-user fraction rose by factor 5.

Every year people ask “is it finally the year of the Linux Desktop?”.

In 2020 the answer is clear: since 2008 almost every year was a year of the Linux Desktop: Compared to Windows users there was reliable superlinear growth:

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The source of this graph is data I collected over the past decade every July from OS market share. They do browser detection, so the data is far from perfect, but at least they have data we can use:

2008 8.6 GNU/kw
2009 11 GNU/kw
2010 10 GNU/kw
2011 11 GNU/kw
2012 12 GNU/kw
2013 14 GNU/kw
2014 19 GNU/kw
2015 18 GNU/kw
2016 22 GNU/kw
2017 25 GNU/kw
2018 21 GNU/kw
2019 24 GNU/kw
2020 41 GNU/kw
2021 20 GNU/kw

GNU/Linux is growing. (though there is a dip during the pandemic)

When will you migrate? Did you migrate already?

This is based on an older German article I wrote in 2010 and updated regularly: GNU/Linux gewinnt gegenüber Windows und MacOSX an Marktanteil


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