Python for beginning programmers

(written on ohloh for Python)

Since we already have two good reviews from experienced programmers, I'll focus on the area I know about: Python as first language.

My experience:

  • I began to get into coding only a short time ago. I already knew about processes in programs, but not how to get them into code.
  • I wanted to learn C/C++ and failed at general structure. After a while I could do it, but it didn't feel right.
  • I tried my luck with Java and didn't quite get going.
  • Then I tried Python, and got in at once.

Advantages of Python:

  • The structure of programs can be understood easily.
  • The Python interpreter lets you experiment very quickly.
  • You can realize complex programs, but Python also allows for quick and simple scripting.
  • Code written by others is extremely readable.
  • And coding just flows - almost like natural speaking/thinking.

How it looks:

def hello(user):
    print("Hello " + user + "!")
# prints Hello Fan! on screen

As a bonus, there is the great open book How to Think Like a Computer Scientist which teaches Python and is being used for teaching Python and Programming at universities.

So I can wholeheartedly recommend Python to beginners in programming, and as the other reviews on Ohloh show, it is also a great language for experienced programmers and seems to be a good language to accompany you in your whole coding life.

PS: Yes, I know about the double meaning of "first language" :)

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