BitBucket got big on Mercurial — until they got bought by Atlassian

A comment on largefile support missing in BitBucket, despite being a much-requested feature since 2012.

Note that it’s not Atlassian which got big with Mercurial. It’s Bitbucket which got big with Mercurial, and it was later bought by Atlassian. Also Atlassian is still spreading lies about Mercurial in the Atlassian blog by hosting a guest entry by a git zealot which is filled with factual errors, some even disproven in the examples in the article. Despite being called out on that in public, they did not even see the need to add a note to that guest entry about misunderstanding by the author.

I asked their marketing team personally several times to correct this. I know they read it, because people I used to collaborate with work at the BitBucket Mercurial support.

Dear BitBucket, this is where you could be: Virtuos Games uses BitTorrentSync with Mercurial for game development using decentralized large asset storage.

I guess they show that there is room for a Mercurial hosting company. Maybe it will be kiln.

I‘m sorry for the great Mercurial developers working at Atlassian to improve Mercurial support. I know you’re doing great work and I hope you will prove me wrong on this. But from the outside it seems like you’re being used to hide hostility by the parent company against the core part of their own product. “…we decided to collaborate with GitHub on building a standard for large file support” — seriously? There is already a standard for large file support which has been part of Mercurial core since 2011, and works almost seamlessly. It just needs support from BitBucket to be easier for BitBucket users.

This crazyness is a new spin on never trust a company: never ever trust a zealot with a tool which helps “the other side”: They are prone to even put zeal over business. For everyone at BitBucket: If this isn’t a wakeup call, I don’t know what is.

And if you like Git and are happy for a competitor to get weakened: To you really want your tool to win by spreading intentional misinformation? Wouldn’t you feel more at ease seeing your tool win by merit of better technology, not by buying companies which support other tools and then starving them down and forcing them to badmouth their own technology?

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