Gary Gygax (1938-2008) - he made the world a better place

It's strange to think that Gary Gygax is gone, if only bodily.

Here at germany his creation is fighting a deadly battle with DSA (a german fantasy RPG which came out just after DnD and which raised me to be what I am today), and it's not quite sure which rules they use for that, but it's likely that DSA wouldn't have existed if it hadn't been for DnD setting an example.

And the many roleplaying worlds and systems which sprung into existence after DnD.

I owe many thanks to Gary Gygax, though I only begun playing DnD as one of my rounds about a year before his death.

He was one of the creators of our hobby, and I believe that he not only made our world more fun, but also made it a better place.

I don't believe in a heaven, but he archieved about the most a person can archieve in our world.

And I know that this isn't a normal letter of condolences.
I just can't look at him with regret, now, but only with deep gratitude.

- Arne Babenhauserheide aka Draketo

Tributes by others:

And many more which are gathered at Enworld News who seem to do this gathering far better than I could.

Also an email account was created, to send a letter of condolence without swamping his main mailaccount:

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