All content of these sites is under free licenses, except where explicitely noted otherwise.

This means you can use my works however you want (even commercially), as long as you allow and enable others (and me) the same with all the works you create from or using parts of my works, and say who created and modified the original works.
The works must stay under the same license(s).

To use them, you can (for example) just put this license text alongside them (i.e. as html page) and create a link pointing to it. Alternatively just put the following at a well-visible position on your creation:

Copyright [YEAR] [your name and other contributors] and [YEAR] Arne Babenhauserheide. Provided under free licenses, including GPLv2 or later, cc BY-SA, GNU FDL without invariant sections, Art Libre and the "Lizenz für Freie Inhalte". Details:

More exactly: My works can be used (depending on the type of content) under the following free licenses:

Programs/Applications are only avaible under the GPL, other content under all five licenses.

I keep the right to relicense all content on these sites under other licenses, as long as those other licenses make sure that the "four freedoms" are being kept. If you contribute here, you give me permission to do this.

I use five licenses to avoid walking into a license trap (having all content under a dead license). Please also keep all five licenses when you work with content from these sites.

More detailed info can be found on the german version of this site.

Limitation: Sadly I’m so pragmatic that I’d likely go against these principles if I had to make a living with my creations and would realize that I couldn’t do it while following my principles.

That’s why I’m fighting now for a future in which everyone can make a living with free licensed creations (for example because no one buys unfree works anymore). With this I might be able to allow me - or at least other people in the future - to earn a living in an ethical way.

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