Storm through Rock

To the melody of Firesoul by Aryana. Text written 2016 by Draketo (Arne Babenhauserheide). A filk on Soul of Wind, for life is change and change reflects in living songs.

  e                        G
I sigh in the wind, for my soul wants to fly,  
   a                e             D
to wing through the storm just to look at the sky  
  e                        D           e
but choices are made and I stand by my word,
    a             e       D         e
and don’t care if anyone but me has heard.

I move on my path, I’ve chosen my way,
each crossing takes possible futures away,
but never to choose just worsens my need,
and a choice fast retracted does not make a street.

I love stories of choices which people take far,
but most stories show people who will find a star,
so they don’t show which hardships can happiness bring,
or the mission you choose for yourself with a ring.

I now find little freedom in paths without aim,
I’m older, I’m stronger, I’ve chosen my game,
children ask others, that’s not my concern,
I’m walking my path and its harvest I’ll earn.

Freedom is different when some ways I block,
For wind to play music, you guide it through rock,
A storm roaming freely gains strength through the sun,
where channelled through mountains it’s yielding to none.

My power is freedom, my path is my own,
with friends walking near, I am never alone,
for humans need kinship for strength to survive,
knowing you all helps my dreaming to thrive.

For in this special weekend where freedom I live,
I gain strength from fire and healing I give,
from all of your voices, your friendship and dreams,
for something like joy means much more than it seems.

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