Trajectories of Carbon from Tokyo

couldn’t resist this one ☺

I was only plotting trajectories of carbon dioxide from Tokyo, when this came up:

Trajectories of Carbon from Tokyo

How it began:

The deep ones!

Cthulhu fhtagn! ☺

(the line in gibberish1 says "In seinem Haus in R’lyeh wartet träumend der tote Cthulhu" — Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Thulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn).

Published here with permission from NOAA ARL, under the condition that I make it clear that they are not producing these images for me. Which I hereby do: To produce these images I used the great HYSPLIT from NOAA ARL, but the images were not created by someone for me.

  1. The gibberish is actually DEK shorthand: german stenography ☺ 

2017-06-30-fhtagn-steno-tokyo-rlyeh-cthulhu-fhtagn-trajectories-from-tokyo.jpg990.73 KB
2017-06-30-fhtagn-steno-tokyo-rlyeh-cthulhu-fhtagn-trajectories-from-tokyo-400x520.jpg99.69 KB
2017-06-30-fhtagn-steno-tokyo-rlyeh-cthulhu-fhtagn-trajectories-from-tokyo-only-bottom-big.jpg316.97 KB
2017-06-30-fhtagn-steno-tokyo-rlyeh-cthulhu-fhtagn-trajectories-from-tokyo-only-bottom.jpg20.56 KB

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