Live stream from the Guile devroom at FOSDEM 2017!

Update: The recording is now online at

Here’s the stream to the Guile devroom at #FOSDEM:

Schedule (also on the FOSDEM page):

  • 09:45 10:30: Small languages panel Christopher Webber, Ludovic Courtès, Etiene Dalcol, Justin Cormack
  • 10:30 11:00: An introduction to functional package management with GNU Guix Ricardo Wurmus
  • 11:00 11:30: User interfaces with Guile and their application John Darrington
  • 11:30 12:00: Hacking with Guile… Alex Sassmannshausen
  • 12:00 12:45: Composing system services in GuixSD Ludovic Courtès
  • 12:45 13:15: Reproducible packaging and distribution of software with GNU Guix Pjotr Prins
  • 13:15 14:00: Network freedom, live at the REPL! Christopher Webber
  • 14:00 14:30: Natural script writing with Guile Arne Babenhauserheide (sadly I had to cancel my attendance, Christopher Allan Webber will present the slides — thank you!)
  • 14:30 15:00: Mes -- Maxwell's Equations of Software Jan Nieuwenhuizen (janneke)
  • 15:00 15:30: Adding GNU/Hurd support to GNU Guix and GuixSD Manolis Ragkousis
  • 15:30 16:00: Workflow management with GNU Guix Roel Janssen
  • 16:00 16:30: Getting started with guile-wiredtiger Amirouche Boubekki (amz3)
  • 16:30 17:00: Future of Guix Christopher Webber, Ludovic Courtès, Pjotr Prins, Ricardo Wurmus

Every one of these talks sounds awesome! Here’s where we get deep.

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