Group: Out of Group (!oog)

What !oog is

The Out of Group group is a way to request leading an overboarding discussion out of group (so you don't spam all the people who are in the group where the discussion started, but who simply want news).


Please discuss out of group. You can wrap up the discussion afterwards (link to the context) and add a group tag then.

How To

To request taking a discussion out of group, simply join !oog, add !oog to your message and then leave the group again (except if you want to see other !oog requests).

For example you can use the following to request moving !oog:

Please let us continue the discussion !oog and wrap it up afterwards. It disturbs others in here. !group1 !group2


This is a reaction to a discussion about the use of group-tags in discussions.

Archived discussion

Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

  • rysiek
    @teddks: stop using group tags, please. everybody on !ubuntu and !linux have heard enough, really.

  • teddks
    @rysiek I respond to in-group messages in-group. If you don't want me to use them, don't use them to me. !ubuntu !linux

  • arnebab
    @rysiek @teddks please leave the group tags out, both of you.

  • teddks
    @arnebab My policy for group-posting rebuttals was posted a bit ago.

  • arnebab
    @teddks please discuss out of the group. You can wrap up the discussion afterwards and add a group tag then. You're one post from a block.

  • arnebab
    @teddks By not discussing in the group you make the others' in-group posts look silly. Otherwise you just look silly yourself.

  • teddks
    @arnebab Wait, what? I only discuss in-group if the previous post was in-group.

  • arnebab
    @teddks That principle doesn't scale. If we all used it groups would be useless. A wrapup post can get people to read all

  • teddks
    @arnebab I might start doing that for oog discussions, but I'm not going to deny myself the same forum my opponents have.

  • arnebab
    @teddks they are not opponents but discussion partners. And they look silly if they stay ingroup while you post oog. Just ask them to go oog

  • arnebab
    @teddks and wrap it up later. If they insist on staying ingroup, just post one ingroup request to come oog and let peer pressure do the rest

  • arnebab
    @teddks they broadcast to people who aren't interested and will block them.

  • arnebab
    @teddks sorry for the phraselike answer. 140 chars aren't ideal for discussing more complex topics...

  • teddks
    @arnebab I understand. I kind of regret how has taken the place of IRC for a lot of things.

  • teddks
    @arnebab That's irrelevant; in-group they get to broadcast their arguments and their views. I'm not going to deny myself that.

  • arnebab
    @teddks That means I have to block you when you post your next ingroup broadcast. You lose all readers that way.

  • teddks
    @arnebab Now you are inviting spam and personal attacks against me in !ubuntu. Is that pursuant to the Code of Conduct?

  • arnebab
    @teddks You do know that people can see the context with one click, do you?

  • teddks
    @arnebab I don't see what you're implying - that I should depend on clickthroughs to have my arguments be heard?

  • arnebab
    @teddks Since you kept spamming the !ubuntu and !linux group and explicitely said you won't stop ( ) I blocked you.

  • teddks
    @arnebab I can't respond fully now, but I will later. I'm sorry that the #Ubuntu group's de facto policy is now one of censorship.

Note: arnebab was no member of the ubuntu group at that time. The block was/is a purely personal one: Nothing teddks writes will appear on arnebabs timeline, till he unblocks teddks.

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