For religious spammers: Shut up and help save our *planet*

-> the_gdf just got spam from a raving christian. Since I am a moderator there, I got that spam and rejected it. But because I was in a good mood, I felt compelled to answer :)

- insert random ravin' lunatic the-world-is-going-to-end talk -


Have fun!

Me, instead, I'll rather go with the 6th world of the inkas - they were there earlier than your book.

The alternative is to just believe in science: Ecologists told us 30 years ago

"We're destroying our environment. if we keep doing this, 30 years from now the earth will warm and we'll have weather catastrophies, epidemies (through warmer climate) and much more".

Well, now it's 30 years later and we have weather catastrophies, epidemies and much more.

Also more than 30 years ago left wing economists warned us "if we keep distributing money unevenly and letting big companies run free, our economy will crash again".

Well, it's more than 30 years later, and guess what? They were right. We now have a worldwide economic crisis.

Oh, and more than 14 years ago, people tried to tell the american government "If you keep bulding up terrorists to fight against russia, these will turn around at some point and attack you". Then, 7 years ago people (including me) said "if you attack afghanistan, you will help the terrorists to find new cannon fodder and that way strengthen terrorism".

And now it's 7 years later, and the taliban and "international terroristst" are stronger than ever.

So get up from your book and look at the world. If we don't act, we let people turn our world into our own hell, so don't waste your time but act to save our world!

I don't care what your god says will happen after our dead, but if he really created this world he will be damn pissed at YOU for letting it get destroyed - and I assume that you do care about that.

And here's a little hint: Every creator god is likely to see it the same way, so even if you are wrong and some other religion which believes in a creator god is right, the only way to be on the safe side is to help keep our planet alive.

And if there is no god, then my children will thank me for helping to save their future.

That said: Don't ever spam the_gdf again or my lawyer will be happy to get a chance to sue you. You've been warned.

Which also means: Noone but me read your mail, and noone will, since it isn't going to get through.

I hope you enjoyed my answer :) I got slightly angry at the end, which I take as a warning to ignore these kinds of emails completely from now on.

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