Depending on the group, roleplaying can be very, very different.

Comment in the Larian Forums about the question Whether BG3 was overly sexualized.

I played an addicted character who got deceived and misled by a bard who wanted to drag him into a terrorist uprising (and I reported him to the judicator after 24 hours of play — one of the hardest decisions I took in gaming groups).

I played a former prostitute trying to build a life. He was easy to have and used all he had to stay afloat. And we faded to black early.

I played a mage who regularly rejected advances by a panther-shapeshifter team mate who would have caught a bullet for him (and did, more than once). In retrospect I think that that character was too cold.

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I played a dragoness who got intimate a lot with a draco-form officer.

And a space pilot who turned from fighter to healer over 10 years of play — and I’ll never forget the look on the face of the GM when I made advances on a mortal enemy when we were on a ship that had an enforced truce.

Not to forget a warrior monk who only cared about doing the right thing and died while killing a demon pact-holder.

I play an android who is bound to follow the orders of the others in the group to the letter (and no, no one abused that; instead they are trying to teach me to take my own decision — except for one who thinks me too dangerous to exist, and I’m not sure who is right).

And an unsure juvenile carer for the elderly who just discovered that as a chosen one he can transform the necklace the weird old lady gave him into a heavy spiked artifact chain to slaughter vampires together with the house keeper and the weird old lady and a doddery war veteran who complains about the feeble uncouth youth when he’s not drinking too much of the homebrew drugs of the lady.

And a fake academic who took over the life of his officer who was an actual academic and looked almost exactly like him (but he’s almost insane now; we’re playing Call of Cthulhu; what happened to the noble knight in another CoC campaign isn’t for the public).

And many, many more (and yes, I could keep going, but I think I made my point about gaming groups being different).

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