The assisted brain and the chained brain

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Who serves whom? Our tools can be our allies or our masters. Do your tools assist or chain?


Good morning, Lisa. Your group rescheduled the meeting, so you should get up early today. Do you want a suggestion for rescheduling your workplan to optimize for your biorhythm?

Yes, please. Use the “we had great sex” mode. I’d like fried eggs today, please search for a recipe.

What about “flaming chicken fun”? It’s a favorite of Marta and Dave.

Sounds good. is there anything urgent today?

Dave asked to upload your plan to moogle sheat again. Shall I send him the public data?

No. Just send him a message “you can have all my data, but I don’t give it to moogle. Just come over at six”

This sounds like an appointment at six. But your schedule today ends at 7. Shall I adapt the schedule?

Yes, adjust it.

“You can have all my data, but I don’t give it to moogle. Just come over at six”, is that correct?

Yes. Send it, please.


Good morning, Dave. Your group-leader rescheduled the meeting, so you have to get up early today. Shall I reschedule your workplan to maximize your healthcare bonus?

Yes, please. Use the “latenight workout” profile.

I can’t do that, Dave. The “latenight workout” profile requires a workout token, but you met with Lisa who does not have a latenight-account. Your biosignals meet the criteria for “latenight workout”, though. Shall I request individual validation?

No! Just use the usual profile. And search for a recipe with fried eggs.

I can’t do that, Dave. You already bought ice cream yesterday. Ice cream and fried eggs without workout would violate your employee contract. May I suggest orange juice and a salad?

So be it. Is there anything urgent today?

Lisa replied to your request for her plan.

What request?

You asked for her plans, so I sent a request for uploading them. Fapple flagged her answer as aggressive and sleazy. Do you still want to read it?

Not yet. Notify me again after breakfast.

I can’t do that, Dave. Re-notification for aggressive messages makes users unhappy. If you do not read it, it will be deleted in 7 days.

Then say it.

Lisa says “you can have all my data, but I don’t want to give it to moogle. Just come over at six.” I filed a potential appointment at six in your moogle sheat. Do you want to acknowledge it?

Yes, please.

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