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I licensed all my works under free and open licenses which permit any kind of commercial copying and reuse, but which don't permit taking away rights from the listeners.

I'd like to upload the files to, but I can only do so, if I can be sure, that no additional restrictions will be placed on the users (no DRM). Else I would violate the license agreement.

These are the terms under which I work together with other artists, so there's no way around that.

I can upload the files, but I need to know that all users will retain the following rights to my files:

  • Free use for any purpose (any way they retrieve it. Paying for getting is OK)
  • Free modification
  • Free passing on or selling while giving other users the same rights.
  • Free passing on or selling of modified works while giving other users the same rights.

Are these rights safe with you?

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Answer: no.


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Re: [Ticket#2008021210002699] Label Feedback Form: Online Rights Management:Draketo
12.02.08 13:06:23 Uhr

Hi there,

This is fine - we can't attach specific licenses to tracks currently, but all
downloads from the site are DRM free.

-- Music Team


This means, I can upload my music to
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