My Top 20 most popular articles as of 2015

I asked myself: Are the most popular articles on my site the ones I like best?

Here are the top 20 articles from my site, by language and topic:



So my typical reader1 cares about source code management, Emacs, privacy and technical elegance, likes working in a convenient, though nonstandard environmment, does not fall for corporate propaganda, reflects on social interaction and enjoys creative adaption of free software idealism. In case he or she speaks german my typical reader is also interested in questioning what we commonly learn about reality.

And that combination is pretty interesting, so I hope we’ll meet some day ☺.

So, dear typical or non-typical reader: Welcome to my site! ☺ I’m glad you read what I write, and I hope you enjoy it! Please check back from time to time to see what’s new.

PS: Maybe I’ll write some other day what I miss in this list.

  1. The typical reader is a statistical fiction, munged together from many very different groups. Few of you will be exactly like the typical reader. But it’s interesting to investigate anyway. And if you also read the other articles in this list, and they spike your interest, my invention of the typical reader of actually brings this typical reader into reality today2. Got you ☺ 

  2. Most of my typical readers won’t read this at the publication date, because they only find my articles over various social news platforms, so if you now feel cheated by being tricked into becoming a typical reader without having a say in the matter, check the publication date and see my evil gamemasters grin (egg: ;-]). If you feel cheated, I got you today (but it’s still true ;-]) - and if you want to stop being a typical reader and start being a statistical individuum3 again, go on and read those others of my articles which really interest you (and read more of my writing - because that’s why I write this site: I want you to read it, and today I’m playing dirty ^_^)! Now go and read more! ☺ 

  3. giggling crazily 

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