Drowsy Pagan (and his stew) - a Filk on Dawson's Christian

To the melody of Dawson's Christian from Duane Elms.

Jason Drowsy was a hunter known to cook a burning stew,
and he turned to be a pagan in the hunt of eigthy two.
Now that pagan was the finest cook of the royal twins
and the stew of Jason Drowsy smelled like sins.

In the hunt for the kings wedding, waiting for the royal son,
he then saw a regal steed who was equal to no one,
as the royal son came by him, and he rode out for a prize,
Drowsy knew too well which monster he would slice.

No one talking saw the battle, though the guard was quick to leave,
when they reached the site they found a scene no sane man could believe.
Dead in grass there lay the princeguard, cut to ribbons all around,
but no sign of Jason Drowsy could be found.

Chorus 1:
There are stories of the nightwatch and the ents and dragonwood,
there are stories of the unicorn with a lady at his foot,
but the tale that warms my spirit more because I know it's true
is the tale of Jason Drowsy and his stew,
yes the tale of Drowsy pagan and his stew.

- break for music -

I was second scout for heras dream, the escort was all mine,
we were shipping precious metals and a carriage with wine,
It was in the second week of the most uneventful ride,
when the cold and snow froze all our breath at night.

Now to me there was no question, for there was nowhere to run,
and you just can't keep on moving when you never see the sun,
so we stopped and built a campsite for a time in freezing snow,
when in underbrush a light began to glow.

First we thought it a predator, but the color was all wrong,
then we thought it might be rescue, but no sound of horn did come,
when noone answered hailing we all felt an unknown dread,
then the fire grew and started burning red.

Now a glow came from that fire that is known by very few,
and we never knew a meal could smell just like that special stew,
never fearing our numbers then a figure left the wood,
and he carried a huge bowl which smelled too good.

Chorus 2:
And that pagans stew burned hotter than all stew I ate before,
and its taste would melt to easily the heart of any whore,
as the meal then filled our stomachs and we searched for some more shreds,
all the fear of cold was wiped from our heads,
all the fear of cold was wiped from our heads.

Just as quickly as we started all the feasting then was done,
for the cold inside had vanished and the strangers stew had won,
though we tried to call and thank him, not an answer could we draw,
then he dropped the bowl and this is what we saw.

It had markings there all over and an emblem on one side,
and we knew that every owner but that pagan had long died,
for the markings spoke of royalty, and deep inside we knew,
we all ate from Drowsy pagans fabled stew.

But instead of staying with us, he then simply walked away,
but came back each night with more stew tasting as if made by fey,
when at last the cold did lift, deep inside us each one knew,
we were saved by Jason Drowsy's burning stew, yes, we were saved by Drowsy pagans burning stew.

- Chorus 1 -

Background: I really love the sound of Dawson's Christian, but I never liked the name of the ship - and I learned from my parents not to glorify violence, at least not all the time. Violence is the ultimate escalation of a conflict, so it is well suited to stories, but there are much more important things in life than being the best soldier - for example being the legendary cook who saves caravans from freezing to death and who chose a life in the wilderness over the life for his king when he realized what's really important in our world.

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