Defective by Design is doing something important - actions like theirs got me to GNU/Linux

-> A reply to bashing against Defective By Design.

I was a rabid MacUser 5 years ago.

Then I learned about DRM, TPM and privacy. And I left Apple because they put in TPM chips into developer machines.

Today I'm a happy GNU/Linux user and I contribute from time to time to Gentoo, KDE and Mercurial.

(my way from Apple to GNU/Linux:
- (Broken Apple Heart in German)
- (in english) )

So DBD isn't only talking to the converted. Without actions like theirs, I wouldn't be a free software user today.

They just don't reach every average Joe with a single campaign. But who could? With a few hundred people?

What they can achieve is that once an average joe gets into problems with DRM, there's a chance that he won't think “surely I made a mistake. I'll just buy the stuff again” but “weren't there people who said that Apple tries to take my freedom? Seems they were right. I won't fall for DRM again!”

And they can reach critical thinking people, who realize they should also think about their freedom when they buy a new device.

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